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The Founder of the Rita Marley Foundation is Mrs Rita Marley. She now resides in Ghana and was enstooled several years ago as 'Nkoso-hene' (Queen of Development) in the South-eastern Akwapim Region of Ghana as Nana Afua Adobea 1

The Rita Marley Foundation is supported with funds from donations and with collaborators. will work towards the alleviation of poverty in the peoples of the developing and less developed countries.

Its long term function will be to eradicate poverty and hunger in specific, selected communities using as its tools, empowerment of the communities through the creation of economic investments, improvement of educational opportunities and developing the knowledge and proper practice in nutrition and helath care.

As an NGO, the Rita Marley Foundation will administer and manage identified projects deserving assistance.

Together, we need to:
Learn more about the RMF Ltd. (USA)
Learn more about the RMF Ltd. (USA)
RMF Ltd. (USA) is a 501 C3 company. As a private family foundation, RMF Ltd will consider organization and institutions properly constituted, which apply for grant support.read more about the Rita Marley Foundation
As a registered member of the Ghana Association of Private Voluntary Org.'s in Development and the National Committee for Non-Profit Organisations, RMF is well integrated into Ghana's Development agenda.read more about the Rita Marley Foundation
Our Vision Statement
The aged be protected, the infants nourished and cared for. This is the vision that drives the Rita Marley Foundation.