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Help Needed

Rita Marley Foundation kindly seeks your support and contributions to operate and maintain the Konkonuru Health Care Center and Ganette Miriam Home for the Aged.

Contact: ganette@ritamarleyfoundation.org

Konkonuru Healthcare Center

–from Construction to Completion

Since its inception in 1998 the Rita Marley Foundation has worked passionately hard to improve the lives of those less privileged. The Foundation works to ensure that children are nourished and the aged be protected and cared for.


In keeping to this premise, the Rita Marley Foundation has constructed the Konkonuru Healthcare Center & Ganette Miriam Home for the Aged as a gift to the rural community of Konkonuru in Ghana. It is equipped with medical resources and services to care for guests and those in need of healthcare. The facility’s founder, Mrs. Rita Marley and the Rita Marley Foundation believe that cleanliness is next to Godliness, for this reason, guests at the healthcare center are guaranteed a clean and hygienic environment.


Ganette Miriam Home for the Aged accommodates seven in house residents. They will be cared for by a qualified team of in house care-givers. Forever grateful for the support received from the Annenburg Foundation, the Rita Marley Foundation has named the only private suite at the facility the ‘Annenburg Suite.’

(Left to right) Ms. Agatha Addy RMF manager in Ghana and Mrs. Rita Marley

Guests and staff will immediately feel at home by the warm and welcoming ambience in the Berhane Selassie Arrival Hall. Berhane Selassie is Bob Marley’s baptismal Ethiopian Orthodox name. It means ‘Light of the Trinity.’ This beautiful hall was personally designed and decorated by Sister Ganette Miriam (Mrs. Rita Marley).

The pharmacy is well stocked with a variety of healthcare supplements. That department was arranged by Nurse Janette Garrick.

Natural eating habits are also emphasized at the Konkonuru Healthcare Center and Home for the Aged. Guests are served healthy and nutritious meals and freshly squeezed juices in the spacious lunch room.

The pea green curtains sprinkled with multi-coloured floral patterns, were sweetly designed and sewn by Sister Feonte Selassie. She is also a professional masseuse based in Atlanta, U.S.A. During her stay, Sister Feonte massaged a Chief and a few other persons of Konkonuru.


Parking at the Konkonuru Healthcare Center and Ganette Miriam Home for the Aged is easy and effortless. Since the facility has a large and spacious parking lot.

The Rita Marley Foundation genuinely thanks the Bob Marley Trust, Annenburg Foundation, Marley family and Rita Marley Foundation staff including: Agatha Addy, Rosemary Duncan, Andrew, Deloris, Oscar, Zewde, Fya, John and Minnet for their assistance towards making the Konkonuru Healthcare Center and Ganette Miriam Home for the Aged a reality.