Bob & Rita Marley Foundations have partnered with Food For the Poor to raise Funds for Hurricane Beryl Relief.

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Hurricane Beryl Relief

Geared towards empowering women, JM$4,000,000 in scholarships will be awarded to 10 women who attend University to continue their education.

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Rita Marley Undergraduate Scholarship Application 2024
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We are honoured to launch the merline Heholt endowment Scholarship with Utech for the 2022-2023 academic year. Merle Heholt was a dear friend of Rita Marley and a pioneer in the business world. We are grateful to provide other young Jamaican Women the opportunity to follow their entrepreneurial dreams.

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Harambe Means Working Together, Pulling Together in One Love, Peace & Harmony

The Rita Marley Foundation works towards the alleviation of poverty for peoples of developing and less developed countries. Its long term function is to eradicate poverty and hunger in specific selected communities using as its tools: empowerment of those communities through the creation of economic investments, improvement of educational opportunities and the development of knowledge and proper practice in nutrition and health care. Our foundation is supported by funds from donors and collaborators.

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