RMF Ltd.

RMF Ltd. (USA) is a 501 C3 company. Serving those on the Continent as well as in the Diaspora, RMF (U.S.A) will also work in harmony with its sister NGOs, RMF (Ghana) situated at 1 French Line in Aburi, Ghana and RMF (Jamaica) located at 56 Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica. Active programs include Africa development, empowerment support through partner agencies in Jamaica, and production of educational materials.

Scholarships & Fellowships
Scholarships / fellowships for youth and other qualified individuals to attend academic and/or trade institutions/continuing education activities in the Caribbean, Africa, U.S.A or throughout the diaspora.

Refurbishing & Rebuilding
The Foundation will also engage in refurbishing/rebuilding libraries and health care facilities. It will organize programs, concerts, tours, exhibitions and other forms of artistic activities to disseminate the message of peace, justice, equality and human rights.

Indigent Musician/Artist Program
Indigent musicians are supported through various services; including, access to health care, emergency grants, educational improvement and instrument replacement. The RMF will offer support mainly through community, religious and faith-based and/ or private organizations.
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