Build a new school

Mom2MomAfrica is raising funds for a new school:

“The school we are wanting to rebuild is a CHETI School called CHETI 4 (or Murieti CHETI School). CHETI 4 is located in the Murieti Village of Arusha, Tanzania and educates 30-40 children. Enrollment is low and attendance is poor because of the missing food program and the building conditions.

CHETI 4 is similar to the other CHETI schools in that there is strong teaching and learning. CHETI Schools are ranked 3rd (out of 19 schools) for Standard 4 Testing (equivalent to Canada’s Grade 4). CHETI 4, however, is the only CHETI School in this physical condition and without a food program.”

To learn more and contribute, please visit the Mom2MomAfrica Campaign Page.