Water for Humanity

Water For Humanity & The Rita Marley Foundation
Build Boreholes for Konkonuru, Ghana

The Rita Marley Foundation is fulfilling its mission to promote education, good health and welfare among the youth and socially & economically disadvantaged communities through educational and empowerment projects. The Foundation collaborated with Water For Humanity (WFH) to install boreholes for Konkonuru, Ghana.

One of the greatest limiting factors to development is reasonable access to sufficient quantities of clean and potable water. The community of Konkonuru, Ghana typifies the problems of lack of the above mentioned resources across Africa and throughout the developing world. Women and children must walk long distances for water. Sometimes risking injury or attacks along the way. They devote a tremendous amount of time and energy to this task and wait extended hours to collect water from crowded boreholes. Keeping them and their families trapped in poverty and often ill from water-borne diseases.

Konkonuru is a small rural town near Aburi in Ghana, West Africa. The entire Konkonuru community covers an area of 5 square kilometers.

Its population is estimated to be at 3000. The community has approximately 300 households, each with an average of 10 persons per household.

Konkonuru also has a severe water problem. Only 20% of homes have pipe borne water. Three boreholes installed by the Rita Marley Foundation serve as the primary source of water for other residents.

Konkonuru Methodist School does not have pipe borne water. Students must fetch from a nearby stream.

To remedy these dire water problems, The Rita Marley Foundation (Jamaica) sought grant funding from Water For Humanity (WFH) for construction of three additional boreholes. We’re delighted to share with you that our Foundation’s proposal received favourable approval.

The first borehole will be installed at the Konkonuru Methodist School to ensure the school population has access to safe, clean water. Students could attend school regularly and thus perform better academically.

The Rita Marley Foundation will further organize training sessions on water conservation and water hygiene for the school and the entire Kokonuru community.

The Rita Marley Foundation is sincerely thankful to Water For Humanity (WFH). Our Foundation is extremely grateful for your involvement and support of this project.