Dr. Rita Marley 50 Most Influential Contemporary African Diaspora Leaders

Photo with kinte wrapAn international committee headed by Dr. Roland A. Y. Holou Founder and CEO of Diaspora Engager has named Rita Marley one of the 50 most influential contemporary African Diaspora leaders. The accolade based on outstanding works, excellent professionalism and impressive character in executing duties related to Africa and the African diaspora.

Other notable recipients include Dr. Julius W. Garvey (USA, Jamaica), Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. (USA), President Barack Obama (USA), Ambassador Dr. Erieka Bennett (USA, Ghana), Dr. Verene A .Shepherd (Jamaica), Dr. Oprah G. Winfrey (USA), Dr. Sir Hilary M. Beckles (Barbados), Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Malawi, South Africa).

A recently published book titled African Diaspora Leaders lists all honorees and their contributions. Dr.Rita Marley carries out philanthropic work in Jamaica and Ghana, Africa through the Rita Marley Foundation. The Foundation seeks to empower the youth through education and elevate the less fortunate.

Dr. Roland A. Y. Holou stated “I pray and hope that the African Diaspora Leaders efforts for the wellbeing of the people of African descent will bear fruit and that those who will read this book will be inspired and motivated to help Africa and its Diaspora. I also hope that the stories mentioned in the book can guide the younger generation of African leaders in the Diaspora and in Africa, enlighten and empower African Leaders in Africa and in the Diaspora, and facilitate contact between Africans and their leaders in the Diaspora.”