Healthcare Workshop at Mary’s Child Home

Mary’s Child was established twenty four years ago. It’s mandate, to provide a spiritual environment, proper residential care and transform the lives of vulnerable girls 13 –18 years of age, who are victims of rape, incest and carnal abuse. However, in 2008 – 2009 a 10 year old and four, 11 year old girls entered institution.

Mary’s Child now houses nineteen (19) young girls. Most adolescent mothers who originate from various parishes in Jamaica.

The Rita Marley Foundation (JA) works closely with Mary’s Child Home, providing life enhancing skills training for residents.

On Saturday, September 17, the Foundation in collaboration with Dr. Marshall Tulloch Reid (Endocrinologist) and Ms. Jean Tulloch Reid (Health Educator/Counselor/Family Life Specialist) presented a Healthcare Workshop at the facility. It focused on self-esteem, education and parenting.

For the ice breaker, participants enthusiastically sang:

“I am special, I am special, So are you, So are you
I am very special, You are very special
God loves you, God loves you”

Facilitator, Ms. Jean Tulloch Reid, urged them to have positive self-esteem. “This will assist with achieving your goals. Good self-esteem gives hope and makes us resilient.” She stated.

The young ladies shared their career goals and were advised by the Rita Marley Foundation (JA) and facilitators on the disciplines required for making them a reality.

Residents also learned that through parenting they have become partners with God in creation. A responsibility that lasts a lifetime. “No child is an accident.” Ms. Tulloch Reid expressed. “Although some experiences are meant to harm you, God turns them around. Choose friends who bring out the best in you and encourage you.” She added.

The girls engaged in a healing activity where each inhaled and shouted the good things they want in life (happiness, peace, health). They exhaled and yelled out the bad things they want to let go of ( sadness, depression, low self-esteem).

In closing they sang positive songs and profusely thanked Dr. Rita Marley, the Rita Marley Foundation (JA), Dr. Marshall Tulloch Reid and Ms. Jean Tulloch Reid for an uplifting, motivational and educational workshop.

The Rita Marley Foundation (JA) presented each resident with a certificate of participation.

P.S: Photos of residents are disallowed for their safety & security reasons.

(L-R) Ms. Jean Tulloch Reid, Health Educator/Counselor/ Family Life Specialist), Rosemary Duncan, Manager Rita Marley Foundation (JA), Ms. Nadia Williams, Administrator Mary’s Child Home, Dr. Marshall Tulloch Reid, Endocrinologist.

Ms. Rosemary Duncan presents certificate of appreciation to Dr. Marshall Tulloch Reid

Mother Thanks Ms. Tulloch Reid