Universal Children’s Day Storytelling Fest

Tremendous thanks to the team of literary luminaries who collaborated with the Rita Marley Foundation(ja) for Universal Children’s Day Storytelling Fest.

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Eighty basic school students from the host and St Isaacs Basic School participated.

They heard presentations from Jamaica’s Amina Blackwood Meeks; Jan Blake and Michael Kerins of the United Kingdom; Trinidadian Eintou Springer; and American Denise Valentine.

Each artiste’s delivery had strong cultural themes. Blackwood Meeks delighted the audience with African folklore tales including Oba The Sky God.

Kerins presented copies of his book, Weetoom And The Bankrobbers to both schools and the Rita Marley Foundation.

Rosemary Duncan, manager at the Rita Marley Foundation, stressed the importance of storytelling to society.

“Storytelling ensures the history and culture of our people live on. A vision that Dr Rita Marley, Rita Marley Foundation president/founder, has worked to make a reality,” she said.