Working to alleviate poverty and champion female empowerment in Jamaica and Ghana.

The Rita Marley Foundation operates on the principles of love and compassion to realize Dr. Marley’s vision of eliminating poverty and advancing female empowerment throughout Jamaica and Ghana.

From the challenges of being a young, unwed mother to having the ‘door slammed in her face’ as a pioneering young black woman in business, Rita Marley has certainly faced her share of adversity. This did not stop her from forging her own path as an internationally acclaimed entertainer and businesswoman — all while raising an incredible family.

Rita Marley has been responsible for the legacy and business interests of her late husband, Bob Marley, starting at a time when women were nowhere to be found in the business world — especially in entertainment. Not only did Rita challenge all of the men who “knew better” and tried to undermine her, she grew the business into the incredible success it is today.

Through it all, Rita Marley has retained her community spirit and has always remembered where she came from. She continues to help an endless number of people in Jamaica, Ghana, Ethiopia and beyond.  It is with this fierce spirit that she created the Rita Marley Foundation.

Rita Marley Foundation

The Rita Marley Foundation is a Jamaican not-for-profit organization founded in 2014. Its operations are based on the principles of love and compassion and seeks to realise Dr Marley’s vision of eliminating poverty and discrimination against the disenfranchised especially the elderly, women and children.