Supporting our Young Mothers

As a young mother herself, Rita Marley was able to overcome all obstacles thrown her way and  forge a path of incredible success.  Now the Rita Marley Foundation is dedicated to supporting  other young mothers through initiatives that help them return to school, access entrepreneurial training, skills training and job placement. 

Encouraging the Next Generation of Female Business Leaders

In 2021, the Rita Marley Foundation provided university scholarships to three promising young female leaders in Jamaica.  It specifically targeted two women pursuing careers in nursing and a single mother who experienced teenage pregnancy. 

This spirit of encouraging young women has grown with the Merle Heholt Memorial Scholarship, aimed at assisting college aged young women who are experiencing financial difficulties but have demonstrated the potential to become savvy business leaders. 

Caring for our Elders

In 2000, Rita Marley built the Alpha & Omega Home for the Aged serving the residents of her adopted community of Konkonuru, Ghana.  While Nana Rita no longer lives in Ghana, the Rita Marley Foundation continues to support the elderly residents of the community.  

The Konkonuru Community

Nana Rita has helped uplift the Konkonuru community in Ghana, from aiding with the supply of safe and clean water to repairing roads, building health centers and helping with primary education needs.  Because of her support, Dr. Marley  was honored with the title Nana Afua Adobea (Queen of Development) in Konkonkuru, Ghana.

Developing  Literacy and Public  Speaking  Skills Among Children

The Rita Marley Foundation works with many schools and students on educational enrichment projects including an annual Essay Competition, Public Speaking Competition, Reading Skills Program, and a Pen Pal Program between students in Ghana and Jamaica that facilitates cultural awareness and allows the young children in Ghana to practice English.