Alpha and Omega Senior program

We had a very active day with lots of fun. There were 8 participants today. On entering all seniors receive hugs to start our program each week.

We start with prayer as always and singing.

We did our exercise while singing which made it a lot of fun. There was a jumping contest. Jumping 5 times for those who could. The one senior who did not jump, danced for the group. Everyone received candy as rewards for their efforts.

Later, the discussion was should one re-marry after their husband dies. This discussion brought about a lot of joking and serious talk. Most of our seniors did not see the need to marry again, they did not want to be bothered. The other reasons were their children being upset with a remarriage. At least 2 said they had suitors to come to perform marital rights but they turned them down.

Home visits were made for 5 seniors who have been under the weather. Snacks were taken as well. All the at home seniors appreciated our visit and felt really special.

We continue our braiding as an activity.

We all had a good day.